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JEOL JEM-1010 is a highly integrated compact transmission electron microscope (TEM) with advanced features and functions. The operating voltage ranges from 40kV to 100kV which is ideal for life science as well as material science applications. JEM-1010 is a high-contrast TEM because of low operating voltage and the design of objective pole piece.

Instrument Specifications

Electron Source          Precentered hairpin type tungsten filament

Accelerating Voltage             40kv-100kv

Operation Modes       Bright Field

Dark Field


Magnification Low Mag Mode 50x to 1,000x

Standard Mag Mode 600x to 500,000x

TEM Resolution         0.45nm point to point

Sample Holders          Jeol single tilt with two specimens capacity

Tilt Angles      X-tilt +/-60°

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