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Research in Earth Sciences

  • qualitative and quantitative microanalyses on spot, line and volume of the chemical elements, from Be to U (94 elements);
    composition analyses on raw samples, including comparison of the results with standards in the data base;
  • combined analyses on the basis of dispersive energy and of wave length;
    acquisition and processing of colour images, the analysis of morphological characteristics, the identification and the display of the phase;
  • measurements of the depth, surface and volume of the studied samples;
    study of the metallographyc structures;
  • the topography of the fractured surfaces;
    morphological and compositional characterization of powders;
  • evaluation of the degree of crystallization of the components in powders;
    identification of the crystallization system and of the network constant.
  • ultrastructure of nanotubes

This kind of analyses are intended for universities and research institutes in the fields of geology, mineralogy, geography, physics and chemistry, as well as industrial units working in the fields of mining, oil industry, metallurgy and chemical industry. The cost of an analysis can range between €100 and €200 (euro), according to complexity and price of reagents.

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