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  List of equipments TEM Jeol 1010 SEM + EDX Jeol JSM 5510LV Leica UC6 ultramicrotome Leica EM CPC cryopreparation chamber Olympus BX51 Microscope Olympus SZ stereomicroscope Agar Automatic Sputter Coater B7341 Critical point drying     EML uses top performance equipments: Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM): Jeol JEM 1010 with Mega View III CCD Camera; […]

morphostructural analysis, and qualitative and quantitative microanalysis for the quality control of some industrial, food, pesticides, medical products or materials (including ceramic materials, special pipes, catalysts on ceramic base, artificial membranes etc.); analysis of pedological and biological materials for environment pollution control; analysis and testing of different substances and ingredients in medicines and food. EMC […]

(a) theoretical courses and practical training for students enrolled in Master Degree programs; (b) specialization opportunities for students included in doctoral and post-doctoral programs; (c) specialization courses and practical training seminars in electronic microscopy organized upon request. Those who chose EMC as a training centre come mainly from academic areas (earth and life sciences departments […]

the precise knowledge of the ultrastructures at cellular and subcellular level, in animal and plant biomaterials, under normal, pathological, experimental and modified environmetal conditions; the elucidation of the mechanisms of action of certain physical and chemical agents at cellular and subcellular level. The EMC will insure both the prelevation and the processing of the biomaterials […]

qualitative and quantitative microanalyses on spot, line and volume of the chemical elements, from Be to U (94 elements); composition analyses on raw samples, including comparison of the results with standards in the data base; combined analyses on the basis of dispersive energy and of wave length; acquisition and processing of colour images, the analysis […]

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