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„C.Craciun” Electron Microscopy Lab

The Electron Microscopy Lab is a research base in the Babes-Bolyai University’s Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Department (Cluj, Romania). The centre provides high performance Electronic Microscopy facilities to various researchers in Romania and abroad. EMC uses best quality equipments, such as: transmission electron microscopes (TEM); scanning electron microscopes (SEM) with elemental analysis system (EDX); Leica UC6 Cryo-Ultramicrotome (a complete list of our devices). All equipments are manipulated by specialists with high theoretical and practical skills.  Its activities cover a large number of scientific domains: physics, chemistry, geology, mineralogy, geography, animal and plant biology (with special emphasis on cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology) pharmacology, human and animal medicine, ecology and environment protection, as well as industry areas, such as: food technology, mining, oil industry, metallurgy and chemical industry.
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